Identify the problems before they happen

In a tall apartment building, elevators are one of the critical machinery and it is important that the maintenance staffs are aware of some of the crucial aspects of their elevators and its safety guidelines. All elevators need electric power supply to operate properly. When a technician comes to do regular check of elevator then we come to know that there are problem or not in the elevator. If there was any problem in the elevator then Krompton Elevator fixes that problem soon.

Most of the elevator related emergencies are due to either power failure or fire. In these emergencies residents have to face terrible situation. During the emergency, resident also need to be instructed so they are prepared for such emergencies and feel relaxed. All the maintenance staff must be trained for these types of situations. Our company trained the maintenance staff for emergency.

Krompton Elevators services are available 24*7. When our technician team do check of elevators and automatic doors then they see how well equipments are currently performing or there are many problems waiting. During this process our technician takes decisions, does anymore need to send immediately or something that we can handle on the next scheduled maintenance. Krompton elevator’s aim is always to work with the customer to understand how the service can address their specific need.