Safe Landing Home Lifts

Now-a-days home lifts have become more attractive. The people can enjoy and they are also safe. Krompton Elevator provides home elevators/lifts which are specially designed as per requirements of customer. Lift landing in home lifts is a bit challenging but our company pays special attention to it. There are mechanical movements in the lift while landing, so some points should be kept in mind while going in the lift so that we can stay safe. There are some points you should follow –

  •   During the construction of elevators the depth should be the same by which when the elevator is installed the distance between the elevator and the landing remains same on each and every floor.
  •   If the distance is not same between the elevator and landing then the elevator can be in troublesome, so it should be checked thoroughly before the people use it.
  •   The floor inside and outside of every lift should be same so that the customer does not lower or upper his leg to go in or out of the lift.
  •   The sensors of the home should be so good that it opens the door of the lift only when inside and outside given floor matches.
  •   While using the home lifts keep in mind that we should be away from the door and none of your clothes get stuck in it.
  •   Don’t stop the elevators door while it is being closed and also don’t try to open the door when the elevator is not at the floor otherwise you can stuck into it.
  •   When the maintenance work is going on and the door is open floor then don’t go to near the door.
  •   In order for the home lifts to function properly, the elevator must be checked in a timely manner. It also assures all the safety parameters are in good state.