Social Graces to live healthy during the use of elevators

Elevators are an extremely important mode of transport especially in Hospitals for those people who struggle climbing stairs. We put extra efforts and attentions to make elevator use safer in any situation. In today’s world many of us are facing difficulties to move around in cities, mall, shops and hospitals etc. By these elevators people save their time and also don’t get tired. Hospitals are the best example for this. People are able to move very easily. We can say elevators are the efficient way for the people in this type of buildings. Krompton elevator is always ready to serve in offices, shops, public transport and hospitals etc.

Here we are discussing about how to use elevators nowadays when everyone don’t want to touch anything just because of corona virus and it is very important for us that we should follow some guidelines during the use of elevators not only in hospitals, mall, office but also in our home we have to be careful for our beloved.

So during the corona virus outbreak, everyone who is using an elevator need to be more careful by following instruction.

1. Don’t touch the buttons Do not touch the buttons with bare fingers. Touch the buttons with gloved fingers. If you touched the buttons with bare fingers then don’t forget to sanitise your hand or wash your hand as soon as possible.

2. Stay away from crowds To avoid the spread of corona virus, please have patience if there are sufficient people in lift having the one factor mind that at this time social distancing is much important for everyone just wait for the next lift.

3. We should maintain social distancing If some people and you are in an elevator then we should maintain the social distance with our fellow passengers.

4. Time to time cleaning of elevator At this time the cleaning of elevator is very important. We should have clean the elevator and it is also good to sanitize the whole elevator.